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Brian of London: Thank heavens I’m not on Facebook any more…….


Thank heavens I’m not on Facebook any more

I’m so glad I was removed from Facebook and have a home here on Steem! Have you seen their new terms of service?

“By continuing to use Facebook, you hereby agree to serve as a loyal foot soldier in any wars, domestic or overseas, that must be fought to defend Mark Zuckerberg and his company from hostile forces,”
“Once this agreement has been ratified, Facebook reserves the right to summon users for medical inspection, at which point eligible users will be trained and ultimately deployed to take down any government that threatens our social network’s sovereignty, including the United States of America. In addition, once signed, all users will be required to renounce their country of birth and automatically become a citizen of Facebook.”

This is, of course, satire from The Onion…. but only just. Read the whole post here.


On a more serious note, The Verge has been publishing extracts from a 2 hour Q&A with Zuckerberg. Overnight in their email they highlighted something new about Hate Speech, they haven’t directly posted this to their site yet so I’m quoting it here because it really is fascinating. My emphasis and comments added.


All Hands on Deck: Hate speech

Here’s a question from the July Q&As that I found notable for two reasons. One, it gets at internal tensions around Facebook’s hate speech policies. Two, Zuckerberg’s answer — which is basically that too much content is hosted on Facebook for the company to apply any level of nuance to individual comments — speaks to how the challenge of content moderation has overwhelmed the company despite a massive investment in contracted moderators.
Question: According to your policies “men are trash” is considered tier-one hate speech. So what that means is that our classifiers are able to automatically delete most of the posts or comments that have this phrase in it. [Why?]
Mark Zuckerberg: The hate speech policies are the most fraught. So I’ll walk you through the reasoning of how we got to this policy. And so there are a few things that are going on that I think you want to think about. So one is, gender is a protected category. So substitute in your mind while you’re thinking through this, what if this were “Muslims are trash,” right? You would not want that on the service.

Interesting that his go to example of a group to be attacked is Muslims. There are over a billion Muslims, around 57 countries are run according to Islamic rules and at least one of those has nuclear weapons, but they’re the oppressed (by words) group he thinks of.


More here

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