Germany: Turkish ex-pat meets with AfD members in protest of “climate package”, smiles and hugs ensue…….


Reality vs. concocted media narrative…


This is a good friend of mine who happens to be Turkish. He’s a stalwart supporter of state and individual sovereignty and liberty. He’s the kind of immigrant you would want as a neighbor, a best friend. He smashes the media’s narrative of the AfD (Alternative for Germany), that they’re racists and hostile to all immigrants. It’s simply not true.

I was at an AfD rally against the tax increases for the climate package, which is according to the world media the far-right party in Germany. They treated me very very well, and I am not blond and I have no blue eyes. I said I was born in Turkey but I am against the Islamisation of Germany, and some German guys even hugged me. (so called “Far right party members”)
AfD people were definitely German I mean you could see it obviously
But they were extremely kind to me
“Grundgesetz statt Islam” I carried the banner
“The German constitution rather than Islam”

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