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UK: Muslim sex-jihad/child abuse gang trashed homes of victims’ family members, threatened to bomb them…….


What UK government(s) invited into their country…

Huddersfield grooming gang: Girl’s families left living in fear as gang trashed their homes and threatened to bomb them

Victims were praised for their courage in going through an “agonising court process” in order to finally bring their abusers to justice.


Jurors heard live evidence and watched video recordings in which the young women described the trauma they had suffered.


Judge Marson said victim impact statements eloquently set out the long-term effects which the abuse has had.


Some of the girls were aged as young as 11 or 12 and were vulnerable because of family and other circumstances.


Before the abuse some were doing well at school but as the grooming developed in an “insidious and persistent way”, their behaviour began to deteriorate and families were torn apart.


Children who were socially isolated and not well supported by family and friends were deliberately targeted.


The court heard how, due to their youth and naivety, they thought they were being made to feel special by flattery, going to parties, having rides in cars, being plied with alcohol and drugs and being given presents.


The judge said: “They thought that these men were showing them genuine affection, but what in fact was happening was that a relationship of trust was created, albeit that it was entirely false and had been deliberately created to enable predatory men such as you to perpetrate gross sexual abuse for your own perverted gratification.


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