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Finland: ex-Family of honor violence victim approved of her murder…….


Islamic based “honor murders” is a family affair, that’s just one of the elements that separate it from traditional spouse violence in the West…

Haaga knife victim feared for her life – recent court documents reveal brutal features of honor violence: Own family approved of her murder

The wife of The Hague knifer had also applied for a restraining order against his brother.


Brother of the suspected Haaga knifer, Hayder Abduliklausar Al – Hmedav, had been issued a restraining order against his ex – wife. Al – Hmedavi stabbed his ex-wife in the presence of their children in March.


The brother was suspected of aiding the crime.


In May, the court ordered the brother’s restraining order at the woman’s request. The brother tried to overturn the restraining order in the Court of Appeals, but on Thursday decided that it would remain in effect.


The court documents confirm the idea that the stabbing case in Haaga was about defending the honor of the whole family, in which the brothers failed.


Detained Al – Hmedaw, fleeing from the country, is suspected of attempted murder. His brother was also suspected of the same crime and illegal threat.


After the stabbing, the ex-husband was in constant contact with the woman asking for the children to be returned to him. He mentioned in his messages that other people would come to take care of it once and for all.


More here in Finnish.

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