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Netherlands: Muslim radio show host allows rabid antisemite to rant about “Money grubbing Jewry” who “must be annihilated.” for 8 minutes…….


Instead of cutting him off, he let him rant…


Eight Minutes of Extreme Antisemitic Hatred on Dutch Public Radio

On a radio show on Dutch Public Radio (NPO) which invites call-ins, a recent subject was ‘Children have too many obligations.’  One of the callers said that children were ‘injected with all kinds of poison.’  This came from ‘avaricious Jewish scum.’ He added, “These people have to be exterminated worldwide because we are in a downward spiral.”


The presenter, Morad El Ouakili, did not disconnect the caller but said that he did not totally understand the caller .  He also let the same caller speak another time in which the caller said that all Jews should be exterminated.  El Ouakili said that on the app of the program there were a lot of reactions from people who agreed with the caller a thousand percent.  The antisemitic remarks went on for 8 minutes.



Caller Radio 1: “Money-hungry Jews must be eradicated”

A caller received an early Tuesday morning at the BNNVARA program Go! (NPO Radio 1) plenty of room to spread anti-Semitic conspiracy theories and call for violence against Jews. One ‘Mario’ said, among other things, that “money-hungry Jews” should be wiped out all over the world.


Presenter Morad El Ouakili did not silence ‘Mario’. On the contrary: the caller was given eight minutes to proclaim the most toxic ideas about Jews, and this was welcomed by several listeners. The fragment is to listen back through the website of NPO Radio 1 (47: 55-56: 15). CIDI received several reports from listeners who experienced the anti-Semitic statements as very shocking.


Anti-Semitic Conspiracy Theory 

which listeners could respond was “Children have too many obligations.” Mario responded by saying that “we are not released from the cradle to the grave, but are modeled to render”. To achieve this, children are “sprayed with all kinds of poison” according to his argument.


It soon becomes clear that this is an anti-Semitic conspiracy theory, when Mario says that “this matrix is ​​governed by money-hungry Jews.” “Sorry to say so, but I just call it by name,” he continued. “Those people really have to be eradicated, worldwide, because we are really in a downward spiral.”



Instead of turning away the caller, presenter El Ouakili responded that he “does not fully understand”, after which the whole theory was explained again. Mario added that the economy, television and radio are also being “modeled”. “This is starting to become a radio that looks like it: just letting people have their say without immediately thinking,” What a scary racist or something, “because I am not at all. I love all people, “says Mario. El Ouakili responded with: “Of course, I understand that too.”


If he then carefully asks what Mario meant by “Jew’s house”, he goes even further. “All the stones that you lift for research into, for example, major attacks, 9/11, the media, everything that is based on being able to manage, making a revenue model for the masses, there are only  kikes , Jews, behind it!” time goes by, and Mario says again that he believes that all Jews should be exterminated.


‘A thousand percent right’

Bizarre enough, Mario didn’t get much opposition. El Ouakili even said that “there are people who agree with him in the app [of Radio 1]”. According to the presenter, a lot of apps came in, among others from people who gave Mario “a thousand percent right”. Other app messages read by El Ouakili called it “a truth like a cow” or said it was “totally agree” with the caller.


Only one listener called the story a conspiracy theory. Mario once again had the opportunity to respond. “If we do nothing about this money-hungry scum, then it’s over,” the caller said. “I hope to be among those who are worldwide – because they are from South Africa to the North Pole and vice versa – this scum really … they used to be banished everywhere for good reason.”

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