TR.NEWS Avi Yemini Permanently Suspended From Twitter Over Bogus Terms And Conditions…….


This is ridiculous…


There was nothing “hateful” in his tweet so they throw a bogus “manipulation and spam” accusation at him for daring to criticize the Swedish snot-brat Greta Thornberg. Outrageous being banned for this:



I’ve just been ‘permanently suspended’ from Twitter, but it’s not what you think. It wasn’t for ‘Hate Speech’. Apparently, rightfully criticising the insanity of climate alarmists is “manipulation and spam” that goes against Twitter’s ever-changing Terms and Conditions of use.


This is just another attempt to silence me.


They couldn’t use Hate Speech as their excuse to deplatform me because there was nothing I tweeted that they could even define as hateful. So, now, Twitter has created an entirely new category.


Please TWEET this news far and wide using the hashtag #FreeAvi, make sure to tag @TwitterSupport as we await the outcome of my appeal.



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