Chain migration Sweden: Iraqi and Syrian family reunification rising higher……..


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Sweden Sees Rise in Chain Migration from Iraq and Syria

Sweden is currently experiencing a surge in labour migration from outside the European Union but in the cases of Iraqis and Syrians, family reunification migration is rising even higher.


In 2018, Sweden saw 15,400 individuals receive residency as part of family reunification, a number up from just 3,600 in 2009.  As the number of family reunification migrants has risen, so too has its proportion compared to overall labour migration, newspaper Norrländska Socialdemokraten reports.


A decade ago, family reunification made up around 17 per cent of work residency permits granted by the government but that number has risen to 42 per cent.


Helena Carlestam, an external analyst at the Swedish Migration Board, commented on the increase saying: “There has been a high proportion of relatives arriving in recent years. The regulations say that you have the right to bring your relatives and we can only follow it. This is in line with the legislature’s intentions, which was to open up a generous framework for labour immigration.”


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