Denmark: Danish gov ends plan for “island” deportation facility…….


Actually it should become a nordic GITMO…

Denmark ends plan for ‘deserted island’ deportation facility

Plans to accommodate ‘unwanted’ migrants on Lindholm, an uninhabited Danish island, have been officially scrapped by the Social Democratic government.

Minister for Immigration and Integration Matthias Tesfaye gave on Thursday official confirmation that the facility, plans for which were put in place by the previous government, has now been permanently shelved.


Tesfaye’s ministry confirmed the decision via email.


“It is very expensive to sail criminal foreigners back and forth between Lindholm and the mainland. One night on the island costs the same as one night at a luxury hotel,” read a Tesfaye statement included in the email.


“But that is hardly likely to encourage more (deported) people to travel home. We will now set about finding a cheaper alternative. Criminal foreigners are not welcome in Denmark. They must go home,” it continued.


“I’m prepared to go far to ensure that. But it must be through politics in which we spend sensibly,” the minister also wrote.


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