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FPM: France Bleeding…….again


Same as in Finland a few years ago when an asylum-seeking Muslim let his knife rip in the center of Turku Finland, murdering two women…

France Bleeding

Yet again, knife-wielding Religion-of-Peace member randomly kills in France.

Stephen Brown

It is a new, wonderful French cultural custom – to randomly attack and stab people to death in the street.


And the latest person to partake in this charming form of multicultural enrichment was an unidentified young Afghan who, armed with a knife and a barbecue spit, randomly attacked people at a bus stop in the city of Villeurbanne in the Lyon metropolitan area, killing one and wounding eight.


“There was a lot of blood. It was not a small cut,” said Nina, a witness, to Le Figaro newspaper. “There was a man wounded with three young children. He had blood on his face and on his tee-shirt.”


The person killed was a young, nineteen-year-old Frenchman, Timothy Bonnet, whose love of music had brought him to Villeurbanne by chance that day to attend a music festival.


A witness said Timothy was among the first who tried to reason with the Afghan. He said the killer “stabbed him and when he fell to the ground, he continued (to stab him)”


Another witness reported Bonnet then “had trouble breathing.”


The killer also wounded a woman who likewise fell to the ground, whom a passerby covered with her body to protect her. And still another witness told Agence France Press that “A man at the 57 (bus) stop started stabbing people left, right and center.”

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