Dogophobia Jordan

Jordan: US gifted bomb sniffing dogs living in miserable conditions, emaciated, diseased, no longer able to work…….


The Arabs have a built-in dislike for dogs due to their prophet’s dislike for them…


They should never have been handed over to them, it stems from a deep ignorance of how these people think and behave due to their culture driven by their islamo-ideology.


US-trained bomb-sniffing dogs sent to Jordan are living in horrible conditions and dying from improper care

Business Insider
  • The US has been sending trained bomb-sniffing dogs to Jordan and other countries for years as part of the Explosive Detection Canine Program.
  • A recently released State Department Inspector General report reveals that dogs sent to Jordan have been losing their will to work and dying from improper care. Others are living in horrible conditions.
  • Investigators were unable to obtain data on the status of explosive detection dogs sent to other participating countries.
  • The Inspector General recommended ceasing providing canines to Jordan; however, the department has opted to continue while investing in the program in hopes of improving the situation in country.

US-trained bomb-sniffing dogs sent to ally Jordan are losing their will to work and dying due to improper care, a recently released Department of State inspector general evaluation found.


The US has been sending these specially trained dogs to Jordan for years as part of the extensive Explosive Detection Canine Program (EDCP). Since 2008, at least 10 of the dogs have died from medical problems. Other canines were found to be living in unhealthy conditions that the IG report characterized as “disturbing.”


“Canines lose their effectiveness when their quality of life is poor,” the report read.


When a team of inspectors visited one of the facilities in Jordan in 2016, they found that diseases such as Parvo, the main cause of death among the service dogs, were rampant in the kennels.


The police, the report read, “are losing canines frequently to the disease and do not have the medical care required to treat it, or even maintain healthy canines.”

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