UK: Big crowd turnout for Nigel Farage in Tony Blair’s ‘Remainer’ ex-constituency……..



Crowds turn out to hail ‘saviour of Brexit’ Nigel Farage in Remainer Tony Blair’s ex-constituency


 Nigel Farage is hailed as the saviour of Brexit in Tony Blair's former constituency


T’S a chilly Wednesday evening in a northern town — and most people would usually be settling down to a night in front of the telly.


But a marquee at a racecourse is packed with a crowd who have parted with hard-earned cash  . . . to listen to a politician.


Step forward Nigel Farage, one-time Ukip boss and current MEP who is now enjoying a successful second act as the leader of the Brexit Party.


The sprightly 55-year-old bounds on stage like a rock star in Union Jack socks as the party faithful raise the chandelier-draped roof.


In their eyes, only one man can steer the country through the choppiest constitutional waters in living memory. All hail Nigel – the saviour of Brexit!


They have paid a fiver each to hear him speak for just over 15 minutes at Sedgefield racecourse in the heart of Tony Blair’s former constituency, a historically Labour stronghold that voted 58.9 per cent to 41.1 per cent in favour of Leave in the referendum.


It is the first date on a seven-night “Conference Tour” of Britain which sees him at Southport tonight.


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