Honor Violence Paleostinians

Islamo-sharia supremacists: After Honor murder ‘Palestinians’ examine discriminatory culture……..


You mean they’ll investigate Islamic induced violence..?



It is suspected that Israa Ghrayeb posted a video showing herself with a man who had proposed to her but to whom she was not yet formally engaged. Then, her brother allegedly murdered her.

 SEPTEMBER 6, 2019 19:29


Palestinian NGOs and civilians are protesting against the Palestinian Authority to change the laws and legal practices that discriminate against women, according to reports by the Palestinian press.
Palestinian Media Watch (PMW) provided translations of meetings, notes and newspaper articles showing the public uproar around last week’s alleged honor killing of Israa Ghrayeb. It is suspected that she posted a video showing herself with a man who had proposed to her but to whom she was not yet formally engaged.
Allegedly, she was then killed by her brother.
The incident highlighted challenges in Palestinian communities in which domestic violence is either ignored or legitimized by leaders. A protest took place in Bethlehem’s Manger Square last week, where participants called for the criminalization of these acts and for the issue to be brought to the forefront in order to bring about change.
Legal investigator Zeinab Al-Ghoneimi said that 19 women have lost their lives within a single year in the PA-controlled territory “on the pretext of honor, suicide or death under mysterious circumstances.”
The Palestinian Human Rights and Democracy Center, SHAMS, noted that some changed have been made, some Fatah officials have condemned violence against women and the PA has joined international human rights conventions. Nonetheless, the organization said in a statement to the PA daily Al-Hayat Al-Jadida that, “the state of women’s rights in Palestine remains at a standstill, and women are still being murdered.


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