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Daniel Greenfield: Leftist Gestapo Fly Into Totalitarian Rage Over Chappelle Mocking Their Sacred Cows…….




Progressives fly into a totalitarian rage after a comedian dares to mock their sacred cows.

Daniel Greenfield

It wasn’t all that long ago that standup comedian Dave Chappelle was brilliant.


Take it from Slate, which in 2014 called him “brilliant” and in 2017 described his Netflix specials as “electrifying.” Now Slate complains, “he went away for a long time, and while you changed with the times, he fashioned himself a badge of honor for defiantly not doing so.” That long time is 2 years.


Two years isn’t a long time chronologically, but it’s an eternity in politically correct dog years.


Sticks and Stones is full of jokes about school shootings, child molestation, and transgender sensitivities.


Chappelle casually swipes at the “#MeToo headache”, LGBT lobbying, “you are never, ever allowed to upset the alphabet people”, and “my money, my choice,” his rejoinder to abortion’s “my body, my choice.” “If you decide to have the baby, a man should not have to pay,” he snaps.


“Dave Chappelle on Broadway: The Joke Is Getting Old,” the New York Times whined in July. If anyone knows what old and unfunny is, it’s a 170-year-old newspaper read by aging Upper East Side lefties.


IMDB ratings demographics showed Sticks and Stones performing best with viewers 18 and under. It performs worst with media hacks who believe comedy exists to tell people what to believe.


The media’s problem is that Chappelle is popular and he’s saying some politically incorrect things.


The snippy shots from the media’s cultural gatekeepers turned into a hailstorm of snowflakes when Chappelle’s Netflix special, Sticks and Stones debuted. The issue, the gatekeepers claimed, was that Chappelle wasn’t funny. The hit pieces were really confessions admitting they don’t know funny.


They liked Chappelle because the only black comedians they can relate to service their racist countercultural ‘fight the man’ fantasies. Chappelle isn’t out of step comedically, but politically.


Dave Chappelle sets up his audience by accusing the Founding Fathers of racism before asking them to guess who’s “gonna try to take everything away from you” if “you do anything wrong in your life.”


The audience, primed by hours of tepid lefty clapter comedy, shouts, “Trump, Trump.”


Chappelle responds with, “You.”

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