Cultural Jihad Dhimmitude Finland MUSLIM SETTLERS

Finland: Equality Commissioner suggests burkinis to be allowed in swimming halls, build private showers to accommodate Muslim women…….


Changing the entire culture of Finnish swimming and sauna culture…


For the sake of a small but growing minority, public officials insist on changing Finnish culture to suit them. This is an outward sign of dhimmitude, or better yet, “proleptic dhimmitude“: “taking on the requirements of dhimmitude in anticipation of Muslim rule. Thus, appeasing Muslim demands for dhimmi behavior before there is any conquest (the normal conditions for imposing dhimmitude).” Richard Landes.


NOTE: The Jews of Finland have never once imposed rules on the rest of society to suit their religious requirements. Ever.


Burkinis should be allowed in swimming pools, outlined by the Equality Commissioner – prohibition can be discriminatory

The Commissioner also recommends the construction of private showers in swimming halls.


The Ombudsman recommends that all swimming pools allow the use of burkinis.


It has come to the Ombudsman’s attention several instances of swimming pools where a woman wearing a burkini has not been allowed to swim. A burkini is a full-body swimsuit worn by some Muslim women.


According to the Commissioner, the ban on burking can be discriminatory. Because Burkini users are women, discrimination is not only based on religion but also on gender.


The Commissioner also recommends the construction of private showers in swimming pools, as these would promote equality between different groups of people.


Examples include people from different cultural or religious backgrounds who have a disability or illness, or who are members of a gender minority.



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