Andrew Bostom Islamic anti-Semitism

Business Insider wrongly insinuates Jew-hatred (Antisemitism) is an exclusive Western phenomenon in article dealing with Arab Miftah organization…….


Read the entire piece yourself, here’s the portion that caught my eye:


Anti-Semitism is a historical burden, and Miftah makes this fact patently clear – it is a form of racism that has arisen under almost every political regime since the dawn of Western Civilization, and anyone in the West supporting the Palestinian cause has a moral duty to recognize the implications of this fact on such an approach.


There are other problems with the article, but I don’t want to take away from the main egregious claim made by Sahil Handa, who either ignorantly, knowingly failed to address the real basis for Muslims engaging in Jew-hatred. Canonical Islam.


To understand Islamic Jew-hatred, listen to scholar Andrew Bostom who is the go-to man on the subject.


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