Finland Iran

Finnish government provides propaganda event for visiting Iranian FM to smear the US, decries “Islamophobia” as a human right violation……..


The “Helsinki Option” (barf)…


If only the Iranian FM would let it rip on what he really thinks of his Finnish counterpart, openly gay Pekka Haavisto (Greens), having a husband…


Iranian Islamonazi Zarif: 


“The US is engaged in economic warfare. Economic warfare is worse than actual military warfare”


Not a single question asked by the Finnish media (only one Finn was asked a question, the other two were Iranians) that pressed the Zarif on any of the propaganda points he raised. Pathetic. This is why you don’t entertain lying propagandists like these Islamonazis, they’re serious spinners, they shouldn’t be given a stage to peddle their crap.


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