US: ‘Anarchy and Chaos’: Violent Antifa Protests Break Out in Portland…….


They’re domestic terrorists…

‘Anarchy and Chaos’: Violent Antifa Protests Break Out in Portland

Portland Protests: Antifa Turns Violent

Man Beaten Unconscious

Buses Attacked with Hammers

Police Threatened


Violent Antifa protests are breaking out in Portland, Oregon, following the pre-planned “End of Domestic Terrorism” event taking place in the city.


City officials have been preparing for the potential of dueling clashes, with the police force at the ready and additional agencies on standby. According to journalist and editor of Quillette, Andy Ngo, – who warned that Saturday’s events had the potential to be a “powder keg” – things are already taking a violent turn.


One of Ngo’s videos shows protesters attacking a bus, appearing to attempt to pull people out of the vehicle:


More here.

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