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Finland: New claim against SDP’s nortorius Muslim MP Hussein al-Taee: “Helped Iraki Shiite militiamen to come to Finland while working for CMI…….


Hussein al-Taee supposedly used his CMI status as a diplomatic status to freely travel back and forth to Irak, working for Iraki intelligence service.


CMI is the Soros funded (at least initially) “conflict -resolution” organization founded by former Finnish president Martti-Ahtisaari. Hussein Al-Taee found a position there through the help of Finnish (radical Leftist) Rauli Virtanen who was reporting from the region for Finnish state news Yle. Virtanen and Ahtisaari have a strong relationship.


The SDP’s parliamentary group recently absolved Al-Taee of his Jew-hatred and other bigoted statement made on Facebook, stating that it was done while he was a private person and no longer reflects his views. This is incorrect since he made some of those statements while working for CMI. I’ve been saying for a long time that Muslim Brotherhood types in Finland have gotten themselves involved in Finnish politics, so why not Iran and Irak?


The beginning is in Finnish, Anter talks with the Finnish wife of this Iraki who has information on Al-Taee, go to the 6:40 mark to hear his interview in English.


From Anter Yasa’s website:


Iraqi dissident accusing Hussein al-Taee as a man working for the Iraqi Intelligence service, whose task is to interfere in Finnish politics and to promote Shia-Militia members to Finland by exploiting the asylum system.


According to the allegations, the Iraqi government has helped Hussein al-Taeta to become a Member of Parliament in Finland. If the allegations are true, the tentacles of the Iraqi and Iranian government will reach Finland and affect politics. Hussein al-Taee appears to be a hybrid influencer. He is very Iran-minded and admires the Islamist leaders of Iran. His father’s party in Iraq is practically an Iranian puppet.






Pictures of Iranian Islamonazis line the wall of the mosque Hussein al-Taee thumps his chest in. He just recently swore that he does not hold the views of his father who is an important figure in Shiite Badr’s Sciri Islamic group.


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