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Daniel Greenfield: Media already trying to blame Trump for burglary in Rep.Cummings house…




Daniel Greenfield

That’s “house” not “home”, because even though Rep. Elijah Cumnings appears to claim it as his primary residence, it’s also a rental property. And Cummings’ wife, until recently, owned a very nice $900,000 home in Washington D.C., as I discussed in my article, The Biggest Democrat Rats in Baltimore.


After the burglary, the media appears to be trying to imply that President Trump is to blame.


Baltimore Police are investigating after the home of Rep. Elijah Cummings was broken into early Saturday morning.
The burglary occurred around 3:40 a.m. at his Baltimore home in the 2000 block of Madison Avenue.
At this time, police don’t know if any property was taken.
This was several hours before President Donald Trump tweeted criticizing Cummings and his district including Baltimore.
Trump has continued to criticize over the last couple of days. Cummings has remained mostly silent as Trump continued to tweet and speak about Baltimore’s high crime rate and what he called a “rodent-infest mess.”

I don’t understand what connection the media is trying to draw here. What’s the relevance of Trump’s tweets to Cummings’ burglary, especially given the timing.

Did one of Baltimore’s many Trump supporters/burglars invent a time machine and use it to break into Rep. Cummings’ home?


This isn’t the first problem with the Madison Avenue property. There had previously been a fire.

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