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Malmö Sweden: Busdriver boots woman for skimpy clothes during sweltering day…….


Since Malmö is a literal hotbed of Muslim migration, it sounds like she had a run-in with a member from the pajamas & sandals club…

Swedish woman claims ‘humiliating’ bus driver kicked her off for ‘not wearing enough clothes’ and told her to cover up – when she boarded in shorts during heatwave

  • Amanda Hansson took to the bus companies website to complain about driver
  • She said on a Facebook post that she felt upset that he told her off in public 
  • The post, which had nearly 3,000 likes, was flooded with responses for her

A Swedish woman has shared her upset after a bus driver kicked her off a bus for not ‘wearing enough clothes’ – during a heatwave.


Amanda Hansson, 19, boarded a bus in Malmö and was dressed to match the hot weather in the city – in shorts and a top with a bow on the front.


She said it was a ‘very hot day’ at 27 degrees and just as she went to scan her ticket the bus driver stopped her to say that she couldn’t get on the bus ‘dressed like that’.


She shared her upset in a post on Facebook where she said she was ‘angry’ and felt ‘humiliated’ by the experience.

The post, which had nearly 3,000 likes, was flooded with responses, with many saying that the driver ‘should be given a warning’.


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