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Daniel Greenfield: The Jew-Hating Muslim Dem Who Interrupted Trump Is The Dems New Hero…….


The Islamo-Leftist Nexus hard at work…


It’s the Omar/Sharpton playbook and it works.


No bigotry is so ugly that it can’t be whitewashed in the service of the greater cause of hating President Trump. Just ask Ibraheem Samirah.

The Virginia Democratic lawmaker who disrupted President Trump’s speech in Jamestown on Tuesday has a history of making anti-Israel remarks on social media.Ibraheem Samirah, a Virginia state delegate, interrupted Trump’s event commemorating the 400th anniversary of the first legislative assembly in the U.S. by shouting: “You can’t send us back! Virginia is our home!”

FOX News calls it anti-Israel. That really understates it.


Back in March, I had an extensive piece on Samirah’s anti-Semitic background.

 Aside from the usual rants about Israel, Samirah had posted that the Jews had stolen his grandfather’s land and “washed off as the Promised Land for Jews only (using the Torah and Zionist ideology, a 3000 yo religious book and a 100 yo Jew-only philosophy.)”
Samirah’s hatred for Israel wasn’t news. The Jordanian Muslim BDS activist had co-founded a chapter of Jewish Voice for Peace (a misnamed pro-terrorist hate group that is neither peaceful nor Jewish), had served as a spokesman for Students for Justice in Palestine, a hate group whose chapters had been involved in numerous anti-Semitic incidents ranging from hate speech to acts of violence, and had spoken at an American Muslims for Palestine conference: an organization accused of supporting Hamas.


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