France: Police station in commune of Les Ulis attacked two nights in a row following victory of Algerian national football team over weekend…….




French Police Station Attacked On Successive Nights With Molotov Cocktails, Fireworks


A police station in the commune of Les Ulis was attacked two nights in a row following the victory of the Algerian national football team over the weekend.


The police station was first targeted on Saturday night and then again on Sunday night when around 50 people attacked the station with Molotov cocktails, fireworks, and rocks, French newspaper Le Parisien reports.


Four police vehicles were also destroyed during the Sunday night attack but no officers were reported injured during the rioting.


Sunday night saw more violence in the Essonne department in Ris-Orangis where five individuals were arrested after throwing rocks and stones at police officers and in Corbeil-Essonnes where a group of between 50 and 80 people threw cinder blocks and glass bottles at officers.


Several hundred supporters of the Algerian football team blocked traffic in the centre of the city of Corbeil-Essonnes, where some clashes where reported.


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