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Finnish Archbishop wants ISIS mothers and offspring brought to Finland……


When you’re so obsessed with sounding politically correct you cast all rational thought to the four winds…


Archbishop Tapio Luoma about the children of Isis mothers: Finnish citizens should be brought to Finland



Archbishop Tapio Luoma commented Kotimaa24: for al-Hol refugee camp in Syria, the situation of the Finnish Isis mothers and their children. The refugee camp has 11 Finnish women and 33 children whose fate is currently being discussed.


– I think that Finnish citizens in al-Hol’s refugee camp should be brought to Finland. The legal obligations and the best interests of the childrens’ welfare, ”says Luoma.


These women have voluntarily left for the caliphate and possibly also participated in military operations and brutalities. It is unclear whether or not they regret their departure, whether they have changed their thinking or whether they will continue to radically spread their radical ideology after returning to Finland. This also raises fear for the Finns.


Luoma sees that the situation of women has to be assessed at home.


– The perpetrators of human rights violations should be brought to justice here. Safety risks should be assessed and prepared for them. It is the work of the authorities. We must also work to prevent radicalization from being passed on from generation to generation, says Luoma.

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