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Iran feeling the sanction pinch: Iran ‘plots guerilla raids on ships…….



Iran ‘plots guerilla raids on ships’ and experts warn an attack is ‘only a matter of time’ as the Royal navy’s £1bn destroyer races to Persian Gulf 


Britain’s most modern warship HMS Duncan, bottom left, was last night racing towards the Persian Gulf as military experts warned it was only a matter of time before Iran launched a guerilla warfare-style attack on shipping. Colonel Richard Kemp, a former UK Armed Forces commander, last night warned that while Iranian tanker Grace 1 (bottom right) remained in custody in Gibraltar, Iran would continue to seek revenge and the Royal Navy needed to be prepared to respond.’


The next time there is a stand-off in the Persian Gulf, the Royal Navy must send the strongest possible signal to Iran,’ said Colonel Kemp, who has chaired the UK’s Cobra emergency response committee.


‘Unquestionably it is a matter of when, rather than if, Iran launches another attack. Only if they are met with very stiff resistance will they get the message.’ Britain last year withdrew two Merlin helicopters, which had been used for decades to monitor threats to international shipping in the Persian Gulf, from their Omani base at Al Musannah, close to the strait.



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