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Dr.Andrew Bostom: Modern Shiite Islam’s Jew-hating Koranic Kampf…….


Nobody fleshes out these facts better than Andrew Bostom. Nobody…


Modern Shiite Islam’s Jew-hating Koranic Kampf

Tabatabai’s modern Koranic Kampf re-affirms 500 years of Iranian Shiite Islam’s intense theo-political animus toward the Jews, conjoined to a broader jihad war for the submission of all non-Muslims under the Sharia. 


Shiite Iran’s theocratic “Supreme Leader” Ayatollah Khamenei, in a video uploaded June 27, 2019 to his website, did not share Jared Kushner’s ebullient appraisal of the Bahrain Conference, organized to advance the Palestinian Muslim territories’ economy.


Khamenei decried the conference as “a grave act of treason against the world of Islam,” and insisted,


“The Holy City of Bait al-Muqaddas [Jersualem] will continue to be the capital of Palestine, [and] it will remain the first qiblah [direction of prayer] for Muslims.”


Less than a week later, July 3, 2019,  Khamenei issued a brief statement on the Hajj pilgrimage entitled, “Hajj is a political religious obligation,” which declared:


“Supporting and defending the oppressed in the World of Islam, like the Palestinian nation, is a political matter, exactly based on Islamic teachings…”

Four years earlier, on July 31, 2015, expatriate Iranian journalist Amir Taheri revealed the publication of a 414-page work, “Palestine,” by Khamenei, wherein the Shiite theocrat elucidated those “Islamic teachings” at some length.


Not long after Taheri’s revelation, my colleague Daniel Akbari — a former leading Iranian Sharia lawyer credentialed to argue potential death penalty cases in the Islamic State, and now an intrepid human rights activist — procured the full Farsi text, and translated extensive excerptsfrom Khamenei’s tract.


Largely a compendium of speeches delivered over the previous 25 years, this tract was redolent with the predictable, virulent Islamic Antisemitism one would expect from a so-called “Shiite radical” like Khamenei.


Despite the willful ignorance of too many voluble, alleged “Iran experts”, Khamenei’s glosseson the central Koranic verses underpinning his Antisemitic viewpoints, represent their traditionalist, authoritative Islamic interpretations, both Sunni and Shiite.


Khamenei’s tract riveted upon the 17th Sura (chapter) of the Koran (especially verses  17:45678).


He invokes, verses 17:4-8 (on pp. 41-43), as a clarion call re-affirming “Allah’s Promise” to “Defeat the Jewish People Again.” He avers that the Muslims “should learn from the Koran,” before citing Koran 17:4, verbatim:


Then Khamenei references recurrent Koranic motifs of the Jews as transgressors against Allah’s will, refusing to follow his path (1:7; see herehere), and inveterate sowers of “mischief” and corruption (5:32335:64). Authoritative classical and modern Koranic exegeses further assert that the Jews are doomed to chronic humiliation (2:612:903:112), and even, as Khamenei emphasizes, repeated bouts of annihilation, including at the hands of the Muslims:


“Allah’s soldiers will come to punish you for the corruption you did on Earth. Any nation that walks on the path of Allah — with the weapon of truth and justice — Allah will help him. But any nation that makes mischief, oppresses the people, and ignores humanity will be destroyed and perish.”

Khamenei next used a metaphor for Israel’s/the Jews’ corruption that has been repeated uniformly by contemporary Shiite Iranian religio-political leaders regardless of their arbitrary designation as “hardliners” (Khomeini; Ahmadinejad), “moderates” (Khatami; Rafsanjani; Rouhani), or (Soylent) “Green Movement” reformist “heroes” (MousaviMontazeri [FBIS, Dec. 1987]): the Jewish State as a cancerous nidus that must be removed:


An Infected Cancer Called “Israel,” Cause of Division Among Muslims [p.42]: Imperialists, the enemy of human beings, planted this infected cancer gland within Islamic-Arabic territory. Today this gland has grown and become the cause of division among Muslim governments. You see how the leaders of Islamic countries who call themselves Muslims do not perform their Islamic duty about the issue of Palestine. Why? Because they have been busied with internal problems. Where have their problems come from? From this infected gland named “Israel” that was created by the superpowers.


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