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Massive 500 Billion Dollar lawsuit Against Facebook, Google and Twitter…….


Brian of London: 

User-generated content, monetized by monopolistic tech Goliaths has destroyed journalism and a number of other industries with illegal practices.
Is your industry next?

People Are Starting To Notice JPB Liberty’s Massive Law Suit Against Facebook, Google and Twitter


Yesterday Andrew and I traveled a few minutes to meet up in Ramat Gan, one of Israel’s top business districts abutting Tel Aviv to visit startup Block TV and their beautiful studio and offices. Here’s the interview (you can also see it on their site).


Andrew laid out the case clearly and very well. He covered the basics of the actions taken by these companies and why Australia is such a good place to bring this case. I added some points about the deplatforming background of the social media Goliaths. If you want to deeply understand what’s really going on with advertisers dictating the moves of the tech Goliaths, you really should listen to this section of the No Agenda Show.


More here.

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