Finland: Iraqi man accused in Oulu District Court of child’s aggravated rape…….


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Iraqi man accused in Oulu District Court of child’s aggravated rape


The District Court of Oulu continued today to deal with the sexual offense against a child. The Iraqi man is accused of aggravated child rape.

The legal proceedings continued today in Oulu district court for male asylum seekers and quota refugees who entered the country and ran a child sex-ring.


Aldhulaiei Qayssar Mohs Sbahi, who was accused of aggravated rape, arrived in the courtroom 15 minutes late as he was first taken from his place of custody to the Oulu Court House on Ratakatu. However, the District Court session was held at the Viestikatu fairgrounds.


The district court judge declared the trial secret and the identity of the victim, and the court documents were kept secret for 60 years. After taking pictures, the media left the courtroom.


Three days are reserved for processing and the judgment is read separately at a date to be determined.


The arrest in Germany began with a ticket check

Before the arrest in Finland at the end of last year, he was able to leave the country. The internationally sought-after Iraqi was finally arrested in Germany at the beginning of January. The arrest originated from a missing travel ticket in the Paris-Mannheim train in Saarbrücken.


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