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Sweden: Säpo security police chief wants to deport Muslims with suspected terror links…….


Some years ago a brave politician from the ranks of the Swedish Democrats (Ted Ekeroth) criticized state policies that effectively allowed jihadi terrorists back into the country. He was roundly criticized for his efforts.



Sweden’s security police request deportations over suspected terror links


Sweden’s security service Säpo has requested the deportation of several individuals believed to be linked to international terror organizations.

Säpo head Klas Friberg did not want to confirm the number of people concerned or to give further information about their identity, but said they were all suspected of contributing to other people choosing to travel from Sweden to join terrorist organizations abroad.


“Now we have reached a situation where we’ve been able to map different types of platforms from which people active in this environment have been able to preach about radicalization and support the use of violence to subvert society,” Friberg said, speaking to newswire TT in Gotland during the Almedalen political festival.


“We have now put this together in such a context that we can show it has influenced people to travel and join terrorist organizations.”


He added that the Swedish Migration Agency, which ultimately decides on whether the expulsion should be carried out, had also come to the conclusion that Säpo’s evidence was sufficient.


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