Sweden: Foreign student awaiting residence permit murders his retired teacher…….


They are keeping the suspected murderer’s details under wraps…


The theory: The teacher was murdered by a student

Here the woman was found dead in Kil.Photo: DAVID HÅRSETH

The woman in her 70s who was suspected of being murdered in Kil devoted her life to helping refugees and working for integration.


Now, an unaccompanied man in his 20s is suspected of the murder of the retired teacher.


According to information provided to Aftonbladet, the perpetrator must have called in and said: “I have killed my teacher”. 


– There was a lot of love in her. And so much is happening here in Kil. Why did it happen like this, the vicar Olaf Traulsen asks in Kil’s pastor, who is shocked and sad about what has happened.

In the night of Thursday, the police found a deceased woman in a home in Kil in Värmland. The woman was in her 70s – a retired teacher who was strongly involved in society and in integration issues.


Several people can testify to her devoted work and concern for her fellow human beings.


Olaf Traulsen, clergyman at Kils pastorate, was a friend of the woman:


– I feel sad and shocked. There are many questions. There is so much going on here in Kil, with people standing up for each other. Why did it get this way?


Lighting in the church

During the Friday afternoon, between 17 and 19, the Church of Proximity kept open for mourning.


– There are priests, deacons and other employees on hand for conversation about the grief. We will have music in the church and opportunity for lightning, says Olaf Traulsen and continues:


– There are many who are sad and who do not understand what has happened. We want to give a place for the grief and be there for those who mourn and have it tough right now.


Olf Traulsen, vicar of Kil, was a friend of the dead woman. He says he’s shocked and sad.


Olaf Traulsen says that the dead woman was very popular and wanted all people well.


– She cared about her fellow human beings. There was a lot of love in her. She was involved in many different ways.


– The shock is great because she was such a friendly person. It has not existed in anyone’s thinking world that she could be the victim of such a thing.


“Fantastic woman who lived for integration”


A woman who worked with the dead woman in an association says:


– She was a fantastic woman who lived for integration. She did everything for our uncle. She went all in and had many close contacts with them in many different ways. She did everything, and even more. This was her life I can say.


The same woman is also familiar with the arrested man, who has been involved in the same association.


– I react with grief. There are only losers here. Its sad.


Young man suspected of murder


It is a man in his 20s who is arrested for the crime. He came to Sweden a few years ago and has an ongoing case of residence permit. The man was arrested on Friday, probably on suspicion of murder.


– As it looks now, he denies crime. He is mentally in a very bad condition and feels badly mentally, says the man’s lawyer Anders Olsson.

Police technician in place in Kil where the murder is suspected to have been committed.Photo: DAVID HÅRSETH / DAGSMEDIA


According to Aftonbladet , the man called the police himself and told him he killed the woman.


– I have killed my teacher, he should have said in the alarm call according to the newspaper.


To SVT Nyheter Värmland says prosecutor Cecilia Aronsson:

– What I can confirm is that he called 112 and told me something had happened.


Detective Inspector Anders Forsman who keeps the investigation does not want to comment on the case:


– He is suspected of probable reasons, the guy, and it will be a custody hearing tomorrow (Saturday, reds. Note). That’s the only thing I can say.



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