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Benjamin Weinthal: Palestinian Murdered German For Being a “Rich Jew” Who Destroyed My Country…….


He murdered him for being a Jew, his koran acknowledges that Jews and other “infidels” must die…



A witness said the 31-year-old Palestinian man said that the real estate investor and 57-year-old victim Michael Riecher is a “rich Jew” who “annihilated my country.”

 JUNE 27, 2019 11:59


A Palestinian man allegedly murdered a German real estate investor in November because he was a “rich Jew” who “destroyed his country,” according to shocking testimony during a Wednesday court appearance in the southern state of Baden-Württemberg.


A witness said the 31-year-old Palestinian man named Iyad B. said that 57-year-old victim Michael Riecher is a ” rich Jew” who “annihilated my country,” according to a report in the local newspaper Schwarzwälder Bote. The witness said that the Palestinian’s hatred in connection with the apparent reference to Jews destroying his country is related to the motive for murder. It is unclear what Iyad means by “my country.”


It is also unclear from German media reports whether Riecher was even Jewish, although he played a critical role in the renovation of a local sanctuary room of the synagogue, according to a media report. Riecher worked with Syrian refugees regarding housing placement.


Iyad’s accomplice, 28-year-old Syrian Mohammed Omran Albakr, allegedly devised the plan to attack and rob Riecher. Albakr eventually moved into Riecher’s parent’s house with his wife.


The testimony by the witness, who works as a barber, took place in the court house in the town of Horb am Neckar. Schwarzwälder Bote reported that the witness used the alias Hesham A. and said that “Iyad did not say anything about plans” to murder Riecher. The witness said that Iyad did not comment on the fact that Riecher could be killed as part of the attack. Riecher was in frail health due to a lung condition. The accused perpetrators allegedly strangled the victim.


Iyad’s last name was not listed in German media reports due to privacy protection. Albakr was previously listed in media reports, because after his arrival to Germany in 2015, he was praised as a model refugee in a 2016 Schwarzwälder Bote article.


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