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FPM: Communists exploiting useful Democrat idiots for their own ends……


Don’t ever let anyone convince you that “we won the Cold War”…



Communists exploiting useful Democrat idiots for their own ends.

John Bachtell, chairman of the National Committee of the Communist Party USA, addressed the Communist Party USA’s national convention this past weekend, celebrating its 100th anniversary. He talked about using this “pivotal moment” in history to help bring about a “democratic and transformative upsurge” for the purpose of radically shifting politics in the United States. He talked about forging a “socialist path,” working as needed “within and alongside the Democratic Party” to defeat “the extreme right and the GOP,” including ousting the “fossil fuel, military-industrial complex, and the industrial elite that constitutes its core.” He added that “many of the forces operating within the Democratic Party today”—along with Communist Party members themselves — “will form the working-class party of tomorrow.”


Mr. Bachtell had written back in 2015  how the Communists could use the constituencies of “labor, African Americans, Latinos, other communities of color, women, most union members, young people, and a wide range of social and democratic movements” already within the Democrat Party as “the vehicle” to advance the Communist Party’s own agenda. The Democrat Party today, which has become a grievance machine against the imaginary ills of toxic maleness and white privilege, is helping Mr. Bachtell’s vision become a reality. Indeed, the Communist-progressive Democrat agendas have melded, as the Communists shrewdly exploit the identity politics that have taken over the leftward-leaning Democrat Party to serve their own more radical ends.


Take immigration, for example. Communist Party USA Chairman Bachtell adocated last weekend  “legalizing all immigrants.” President Trump can “go to hell!” Bachtell declared, if he “thinks he’s going to deport one million undocumented immigrants.”

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