Sweden: Number of bomb attacks has surged this year, 93 so far…….


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Number of bomb attacks in Sweden has surged this year


The number of attacks with explosives has increased significantly so far this year, according to the latest official figures, with 93 attacks up until the end of May.
By the same time last year, the tally was at just 63.
According to the Swedish National Council for Crime Prevention, which collects the figures, there were 162 explosions reported last year. Figures are not available for earlier years as, the council only began counting explosions as a separate category in 2018.
“There’s an arms race going on in the world of organised crime,”  Stockholm University criminologist Sven Granath told Swedish state broadcaster Sveriges Radio.
This week in Malmö, there were three attacks over a single 24-hour period, while last week a massive blast blew out all the windows of an apartment building in Linköping.
The attacks have led some to talk of a new wave of violence hitting the country.

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