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Finland: Marxist politician Li Andersson shows her tyrannical mindset, everyone shouldn’t have their own car…….


This is the kind of moron that would force everyone onto mass transportation while her own fat ass is privately chauffeured around the country…


It’s the exact same mindset of the Communist ruling elite, who lived like kings and queens while ‘the masses’ lined up in never-ending ques. She’s not alone, however, the pseudo-conservatives would like nothing better than to have the roads freed up for their expensive cars to travel around the country, unhindered by the rest of us.


NOTE: When you reject the concept of individual liberty, everything is possible.


Li Andersson: Why Should Everyone Have Their Own Car – “Not everyone in an apartment building has their own elevator”

 (adapted )

The Left Alliance President Li Andersson published a blog post on Thursday, commenting on the construction of the transport lanes and the so-called traffic corridor under the leadership of Minister Anne Berner (Center).

According to Andersson, there are many problems with the reforms.


However, she tells Berner that she is in favor of investing in traffic networks and driving traffic to a more low-emission direction.


– These are also goals of the Left Alliance, Andersson writes in her blog.


However, according to her, there is no need for operators selling company form or service packages, because the state is a good operator for nationwide traffic.


” There’s no need for profit-seeking, possibly foreign, companies that collect more money from Finns than would be required for our bus maintenance,” Andersson writes.


” Disappearance “

According to Andersson, the government’s “corporate frenzy is purely ideological”


-The Government’s transport policy, in the hands of the Sipilä government, and in particular Minister Berner, seems to mean massive privatisation and self-deliberate deregulation of standards.


At the end of her post, Andersson says that the opening up of digital information for transport to all is to be welcomed, as it would allow for a single ticket system for travel.


As a transport service (mobility as a service), Andersson believes that it is an important new direction for consideration. According to the Ministry of Transport and Communications, the concept of “transport service” aims at a shift in the seamless transport of door-to-door services.


Not even in a block of flats, does every inhabitant have a lift for vertical movement, why would each person need his own car for horizontal movement. Changing traffic behavior should also be taken into account when defining parking space standards, for example.


Andersson’s blog is the first to news about online news.



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