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UK: Farage and Brexit Party Could Win MASSIVE Majority At UK General Election…….


It looks like that’s the trajectory if the momentum can be sustained…


DATA: Farage and Brexit Party Could Win MASSIVE Majority At UK General Election

Following Farage’s massive win at the European Election, an analyst has shown how Brexit Party could go on to sweep a general election.


Chris Hanretty, Professor of politics at Royal Holloway, University of London, analyzed how every constituency in the United Kingdom voted in the European Parliament. The academic estimates that the Brexit party won the most votes in over 400 Westminster constituencies and adjusted those numbers to offer some insight into how votes might go in a future general election.

In contrast to a potential Brexit Party win, both Labour and the Conservatives would be reduced to a handful of seats in the Commons.

If the numbers hold, Farage could lead his party to the biggest general election since Tony Blair led New Labour to victory in 1997.


In Hanretty’s post on Medium, the professor makes a point to note that European Parliament elections differ from Westminster elections “in many ways,” stating that “the electorate is different, the voting system is different, the parties competing are different, the issues discussed (if any) are different, and the levels of campaign activity and interest are different.”


He adds that if “European Parliament elections results were a good guide to subsequent general elections, UKIP would have won scores of seats in 2015 rather than just one.”


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