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Dr.Andrew Bostom: Ramadan Koran lesson: Curse Jews and Christians 17-times daily (Part I)……..


Read and learn from THE MOST authoritative voice on the subject…

“The Jews, we are told killed many of their prophets [see Koran 2:91 and 4:155; and in the traditions, Sunni and Shiite, the Jews are accused of a conspiratorial poisoning of Muhammad that caused his death, while the Shiite traditions claim Jews are further responsible for the deaths of Ali and his son Husayn], and through their character and materialistic tendencies [usurious 2:2754:161; greedy/hedonistic 2:96; envious 2:109; hard-hearted 2:74; liars 2:78] have contributed much to moral corruption, social upheaval and sedition in the world [Koran 5:32335:64] …[T]hey were readily misled and incurred both God’s wrath and ignominy [2:612:903:112].
“As for the Christians…over time they succumbed to the influence of those who had already deviated from the chosen path. By the time Christianity came to be accepted as the official religion of the Roman Empire, many Christians had long gone astray and had been deprived of their original scripture…By interpreting the phrase “not of those who incurred [Your] wrath, nor of the misguided” the Prophet identified them and clarified in what way and by what beliefs and deeds a man incurs God’s wrath. This is a warning for the Muslims not to follow in the footsteps of the Jews and Christians.”

(Part II will be posted tomorrow)

Ramadan Koran lesson: Curse Jews and Christians 17-times daily

It is Ramadan month and the message to Muslims—via didactic analysis of Koran 1:7—is the requirement to be an “essence” isolated and distinct from non-Muslims, abetted by obsessive, monotonous daily repetition of a verse cursing Jews and Christians.

PART 1 of 2

As reported by the indispensable Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI), esteemed Islamic scholar, and “Spiritual Guide” to the Muslim Brotherhood, Yusuf al-Qaradawi provided a Ramadan Koranic “homily”, of sorts, on May 14, 2019. In essence, Qaradawi merely re-affirmed for Muslims the classical-cum-modern mainstream ramifications of a Koranic verse [Koran 1:7] votaries of Islam recite 17-times per day, during their requisite 5 prayer times, and the subdivisions of those prayer sessions.


Notwithstanding what is a rather anodyne reminder to Muslims, the contents of Qaradawi’s statements will be “shocking” to those who are completely uninformed about Islam, or have chosen to understand the creed exclusively through the prism of Muslim and non-Muslim apologists, alike.


Moreover, despite Qaradawi’s mainstream scholarly and cultural bona fides—vis-à-vis authoritative Islamic teaching across a 13 century continuum, and resultant normative, “Sharia thirsty” Muslim attitudes within contemporary Islamdom—predictable efforts will be made to marginalize Qaradawi and his “homily” because of the prominent theologian’s ties to the allegedly “radical” Muslim Brotherhood.


Accordingly, this very illuminating teachable moment may well be be squandered. My fervent hope against hope is to avert that outcome by reviewing Qaradawi’s Ramadan Koranic lesson, and placing it squarely within the context of canonical Islam as taught since the advent of the Muslim faith.


Qaradawi opens his discussion with a query which he immediately answers, invoking Koran 47:17:

“Who does not need Allah’s guidance? The Muslim always needs Allah’s guidance so that the paths will be clear for him and so that he does not become confused… Furthermore, he also needs additional guidance [from Allah, for it is said], ‘And those who are guided – He increases them in guidance and gives them their righteousness.’ (Koran 47:17)…”

Continuing, Qaradawi observes that the Muslim must be directed on to this appropriate course “by Allah”, as set forth in the Koran’s opening sura, or chapter (sura 1, “The Fatiha”):

“From the concluding verse [Koran 1:7] of Surat [Al-Fatiha, which states] ‘The path of those upon whom You have bestowed favor, not of those who have evoked [Your] anger or of those who are astray’, it transpires that the people are divided into three types with regard to this path…”

Qaradawi then elucidates the three religious groups or “types” Koran 1:7 specifies, beginning with the “righteous”—Muslims—who embraced Islam:

“The first type are those who were granted [Allah’s guidance] and they are those to whom Allah has shown favor: the prophets, the saints, the martyrs and the righteous, as they are listed in Surat Al-Nisaa [Koran 4:69]. They are the ones whom Allah guided, who knew the truth [i.e. Islam]. [The truth] became clear to them and they distinguished between it and straying and falsehood, and therefore they went on the path out of awareness and became men [of truth], in their knowledge, faith, deeds, and preaching.”
The second type are those who evoked [Allah’s] anger. They are those who recognized the truth and nevertheless did not take its path, and even stubbornly opposed it, and were hostile towards the Prophet [Muhammad] after the straight path became clear to them. [They did this] out of reliance on falsity, love of this world, following urges, blind fanaticism, arrogance, or jealousy… and thus they deserve Allah’s wrath. These are the Jews, (emphasis added) for whom the explanation is presented in Surat Al-Maida [Koran 5:60, which states]: ‘Those whom Allah has cursed and with whom He became angry and made of them apes and pigs and slaves of Taghut – these are worse in position and further astray from the sound way’…”


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