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UK: Oldham Police lead their own ‘Jugend’ Muslim goon squad to create violence at Tommy Robinson’s political rally……..rally


The police engaged in a criminal act…


I was away on Saturday attending family matters so I wasn’t aware of what transpired in Oldham during Tommy Robinson’s political rally. I only began seeing pieces here and there a little while later that the political rally Tommy and his supporters (and interested onlookers) were holding, was violently attacked. Only now do fully understand the scoped of what transpired.


The police, from the top echelon on down, engaged in a criminal act. The decision by the Oldham chief of police to allow an army of Muslims, many of them masked, to descend upon the peaceful rally of people was beyond the pale. Tommy’s supporters/onlookers congregated in an area selected on purpose to be outside of any Muslim areas. They were viciously attacked with rocks and pieces of brick, someone even threw a pair of scissors, at men, women, and children. A melee ensued.


The police knew exactly what they were doing, it was a premeditated act. They knew who would be showing up at Tommy’s rallies, English folk of all ages and colors, males, and females, couples with children. The kind of supporters/onlookers who have been peacefully attending his political rallies all over the UK. The police most certainly knew who would comprise the lot that they themselves led to the rallying point, Muslim men, who have been spreading incitement on social media leading up to the violent riot that they would soon unleash.


The police have a long and successful record in monitoring hooligan behavior in the run-up to football matches around the country. They specifically monitor social media these days to help in their efforts to combat any violence before, during and after these football matches. Goons wearing balaclavas would be immediately pulled from any crowd of youths. This was not the case here. The police led these young men down the road like merry pied pipers but minus the flutes. Instead, there were Islamic war cries being shouted out, takfir, allahu akbar!


The media, as Tommy points out in this video, were completely spinning the news, taking whatever the local police had to say BECAUSE THEY HADN’T ANY JOURNALISTS THERE TO COVER TOMMY’S RALLIES! There was a joint decision amongst them obviously to make him a persona non grata, giving his campaign no air time whatsoever. So they took dictation from the politicized police force, and then spun the headlines and story to their liking, making it seem like Robinson supporters were just one faction in the violence, when the opposite was true, and no mention of the police leading these Muslim thugs shouting Islamic slogans to the event….as a “counter protest”.


Do take note that the UK police had on multiple occasions sequestered Tommy Robinson and his supporters during the old EDL days into what amounts to be ‘holding pens’ to carry on their counter demos. Here, they actually led Muslim men intent on violence (they’ve been inciting all week on social media to do just that) to the scene of Robinson’s rally, then milled around like headless chickens as these violent thugs started throwing rocks and other missiles at men. women and children.


It was a criminal act, not just by the Muslim thugs, but by the police themselves. Outrageous.

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