Finland Global Warming Statism

Finland: Climate Con-Artists Want Finns to “Radically Change Their Lifestyles” To Accommodate Pseudo-Science Backed”Climate Change”…….


Yeah, the “Happiest Country” is the most enslaved country…


“Democracy within a statist political system is an illusion…”


Lifestyle adjustments to curb climate change


They want the “masses” to live like cattle, eating nothing but feed, limit their ability to freely move by forcing them into mass transportation and sucking the life right of them. The elite, however, will be free to drive their vehicles on a near empty road system. This is what these lunatics really have in store for us if left unchecked. Just wait and see, they’ll come after our saunas before long.


Finns need to eat far less meat and choose other forms of transportation over cars in order to impact climate change, according to leading Finnish daily Helsingin Sanomat (HS). A report released on Thursday by the Finnish Innovation Fund Sitra, urges Finns to make radical changes to their lifestyles.


Citing Sitra’s report, HS writes that a person living in Finland negatively impacts the climate five times as much as an individual in India.


According to Sitra, the gap between Finnish lifestyles and international climate goals is vast. In the next ten years, saying that if the goals of the Paris Climate Agreement are to be achieved, emissions in Finland caused by consumption should be cut by nearly 75 percent.


Most of the carbon footprint caused by the average person in Finland comes from transportation, housing, as well as food production and consumption.


But finding solutions to address climate change cannot be the sole responsibility of individuals, as the required changes to address the issue are so great, says Anu Mänty, senior adviser with Sitra.


”Major structural changes are needed. We need to develop new ways of thinking about our economy, infrastructure and consumption-based lifestyles. This requires radical rethinking in politics and administration, as well as in business models and in people’s lives,” she tells HS.



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