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US: Mass imigration creates major shift in Boston’s demographics…….


Racist Leftists are in a full-blown war against people with white skin…


The product of Leftist identity politics and it isn’t going to end well. Violence looms as people are being shoved to the side to make room for other people who are being served by one political party. Conservatives treat all people the same, the Left (Democrats) are picking and choosing who to prioritize. If they keep it up they’ll be pushing people into a totally (Leftist driven) race war, something that the overwhelming majority of US society doesn’t want, believing that we are more than just ‘race’, the color of our skin. We’re Americans. But the Left has a different agenda, divide and rule and they’re to be on the top. It would spell the end of the Republic as we know it. Highly destructive politics are going on.


Boston Globe: Mass Immigration Spurs ‘Seismic Demographic Shift’ in Boston

Mass immigration to the Greater Boston area has spurred a “seismic demographic shift” over the last three decades, the Boston Globe writes.

A report by the Boston Globe titled, “Immigration has transformed Greater Boston over the last three decades,” details a new study by researchers from Boston Indicators, the Boston Foundation, the University of Massachusetts Boston, and the University of Massachusetts Donahue Institute that reveals how the country’s legal immigration levels — as more than 1.2 million nationals are brought to the U.S. every year — are leading to significant changes in the region.


Foreign-born workers, for example, have made up nearly 80 percent of the increase in the Massachusetts labor force, underscoring big business’s desire to increase legal immigration levels to import more workers, more consumers, and keep U.S. wages low.


Likewise, the study finds that immigration from around the world is driving more than 90 percent of the new population growth in the Greater Boston area. Today, nearly three-in-ten, or almost 30 percent, of Boston’s residents are foreign-born. Throughout the city of Boston and its surrounding neighborhoods, nearly two-in-ten residents are foreign-born.


Boston, the Globe reports, is forever transforming almost totally due to immigration:

Meanwhile, the city’s suburbs and outlying enclaves have become even more diverse, with the nonwhite population outside Boston having increased more than 250 percent over three decades. [Emphasis added]
While foreign-born residents and their families are experiencing a population boom, the number of whites has sharply declined by nearly 350,000 in Greater Boston since 1990, the researchers said. The researchers define “Greater Boston” as the five Boston-area counties: Essex, Middlesex, Suffolk, Norfolk, and Plymouth. [Emphasis added]


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