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Finland: Leftist extremist who called police “pigs”/advocated political violence chairing “rule of law” group in formation of next government…….


The world is upside down, inside out and wrong way around…


In what would naturally be a disqualification for any kind of public service role, is now lightly dismissed “because it happened over ten years ago”.


Is this a joke? Dan Koivulaakso, who called the police pigs, leads the rule of law working group in government negotiations



Working groups in ongoing government negotiations have been published. There are a lot of familiar names in the workgroups whose skills match their teams. Attention has been drawn to the presence of representatives of some political lobbying agencies in the government negotiations. The most surprising, however, lies in the subgroup of the development of the rule of law, drawn by Dan Koivulaakso, known as a supporter of political violence.




Violent left, “developing the rule of law”?

The most striking choice is the appointment of the Left Alliance, Dan Koivuslaakso, as the leader of the rule of law group.


Koivulaakso is known for his long-standing support of Antifan of the ultra-leftist violence bloc. In the summer of 2017, Koivulaakso traveled to Hamburg to attend the G20 protests. Four days of riots were very violent: cars were burned, shops were robbed and over 300 police officers were injured.


At that time, Dan Koivuslaakso tweeted about the atmosphere being great:

“The Vika Bloc are in the big demo and I have to leave for the trip home. Awesome atmosphere, rumors say 100-200k participants! #NoG20, Koivulaakso tweet. Demo means demonstration.

The NoG20 reference, in turn, connects Koivulaakso to a group that wanted to use force to block the G20 meeting.


The HS described the events at that time: “Welcome to Hell-A demonstration organised by the so-called Black Bloc, and the demonstration had been anticipated in advance of the dozens of demonstrations of the G20 meeting in Hamburg. One German magazine called this “an orgy of violence”.


Earlier in 2009, Dan Koivulaakso has recommended the use of political violence in the Left-wing Forum. There are still screen shots ( 1 , 2 , 3 , 4 , 5 , 6 , 7 , 8 ) on the web about messages from Koivulaakso, where he feels the need for “very brutal AFA” or “anti-fascist action”. In practice, this would mean the supposedly preventive beating of Nazis or others like them. In addition to beating, Koivulaakso recommends, among other things, the use of pepper spray as a tool for political violence.


Koivulaakso considers the Finnish Police Department as “blatantly racist”. He labeled the cops as pigs.


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