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Gatestone: The Middle East Anti-Peace Movement……


Any advance of peaceful co-existence is quashed by anti-Jewish hatred…



Al-Karaki is reported to have helped the Israelis cross a valley that is closed to tourists. His other “crimes” include feeding the Israeli tourists and presenting them with plaques of appreciation from the city.


Because of these “crimes,” the mayor has been facing a massive wave of condemnations from angry Jordanians accusing him of engaging in normalization with the “Zionist enemy.”


“The mayor’s actions have sparked anger among many residents, political parties and activists in his governorate,” according to a report in the Jordanian newspaper Al-Rai. “They considered that what the mayor did as a normalization step with the Zionist enemy. They also said that the mayor’s actions contradict our values and moral, humanitarian and religious heritage, and called on him to apologize and submit his resignation.”


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