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Mike Cernovich at Breitbart: ‘All These Never Trump People Are on Qatar’s Payroll’…….


It’s not by accident -and very obvious- that these politicians have been compromised by outside money…


Mike Cernovich: ‘All These Never Trump People Are on Qatar’s Payroll’


Mike Cernovich noted how various Never Trump news media figures are beneficiaries of state funding from Qatar, further commenting on their roles as part of the Islamist state’s broader information campaign — including Al-Jazeera and AJ+ — directed at shaping American public opinion. He offered his analysis on Friday’s edition of SiriusXM’s Breitbart News Daily with host Alex Marlow.


“The Brookings Institute and all these Never Trump people are on the Qatari payroll,” said Cernovich. “Al-Jazeera and AJ+ propagandize Americans every day. Most people, when they’re sharing memes from AJ+, don’t realize that that is propaganda, and that it is propaganda from a terrorist nation.”


Despite its stated commitment to “transparency,” the Brookings Institute does not declare the specific dollar amounts of donations it receives. In its 20182017, and 2015 financial reports, Qatar is among its largest benefactors, occupying a slot in its top tier of donors with contributions of either $2 million or more. In 2016, the United Arab Emirates held a slot in the top tier of donors, also having funded the left-wing organization with either $2 million or more for the year.


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