Tommy Robinson

Tommy attacked while politiciking for seat in the EU’s fake parliament, politicized police stand by and do nothing…….


Disgusting display of emotional, intolerant, and very violent brats who couldn’t put a single coherent sentence together if you paid them…


A politicized police force is symptomatic of a political system gone wrong. We used to see Western leaders condemning such behavior in the Soviet Union and satellite states during the Cold War…



Ever since Tommy Robinson announced that he was running as an independent candidate to become a member of the european parliament, mainstream media have been determined to smear him as a racist and to remind us daily that he was the founder of the EDL and that his real name is Stephen Yaxley-Lennon.


Take the hit piece on him in The Guardian by Nahella Ashraf, she is co-chair of the group “Greater Manchester Stand Up To Racism” in which she repeatedly calls him a racist thug, and states that Anders Breivik was inspired by the EDL, conveniently forgetting perhaps that the murderous monster referred to the EDL as naive fools?


Ashraf compares Tommy to Donald Trump, which I am sure Tommy will be delighted to hear about, and that Trump’s state visit will normalise politics of hatred and division. I wonder if Ashraf has ever written a piece on extremist hate preachers flown in from abroad who visit mosques with the sole purpose of inciting division and hatred of the non-believers in Manchester? Or is that sort of hatred given a free pass because we all must be tolerant, inclusive and accepting of Islamic freedoms (no pun intended)?


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