Gaza Hamas Paleostinians Palestinian terrorism

Islamonazis in Hamastan Gaza lob over 90 war-crime rockets into S’derot…….


Over NINETY missiles fired from Gaza into Sderot, other Israeli towns

From MC: Our Israeli correspondent:


I managed to get the videos this morning. These are UN-approved attacks on civilians by the Hamas terrorist administration. You are watching war crimes which will go unrecognised because the victims are Israeli Jews who are just too ‘evil’ to be considered members of the human race.


So we get bombed and nobody gives an (ape or a) monkey.


Hamas is a fundamentalist Islamic group which, because it mainly targets Israeli Jews, is approved by many European and world politicians; they are the ‘friends’ of the British Labour Party.


The videos were taken this morning from my front porch. I apologise for the quality, but I was trying to limit my exposure to shrapnel and any other junk.


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