US: HAMMER- Designating The Muslim Brotherhood A Terrorist Group Is Very Long Overdue…….


It’s something that I wish Finnish journalists would do here as well…


I’m not holding my breath though, they seem perfectly fine with allowing a pro-Iranian stooge to works his way into Crisis Management Initiative, then cross over into Finnish politics. If not for an intrepid blogger/(real) human rights activist Anter Yasa who kept needling the media for not wanting to investigate his findings, and the Jpost for reporting on those findings, Hussein al-Taee would now be basking in the warm limelight of his fellow parliamentarians, and not hunkered down in some undisclosed hospital on sick leave.


HAMMER: Designating The Muslim Brotherhood A Terrorist Group Is Very Long Overdue


The Trump administration is apparently nearing a formal designation of the international Muslim Brotherhood, which is the ideological progenitor of modern radical Sunni Islamism throughout the world, as a terrorist group.


To put it mildly, this is very, very, very long overdue.


The Brotherhood operates all around the globe. But while the Palestinian-Arab branch of the Brotherhood, the genocidal sharia supremacist death cult of Hamas, is perhaps the best known Brotherhood franchise, Brotherhood affiliates throughout the world are based on the same underlying toxic creed. The Brotherhood operates as the mother’s milk of Sunni Islamism — indeed, of Sunni jihadism — and serves as a prerequisite and proverbial “gateway drug” for more universally recognized extremist groups such as al-Qaeda, Islamic State, and Jamaat-e-Islami. Indeed, the Counter Extremism Project describes the Brotherhood, al-Qaeda, and Islamic State as “shar[ing] more than deep ideological underpinnings,” and further notes that the groups’ “similarities far outweigh their differences.”


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