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UK: Nigel Farage likes communists in his ranks, but not those who reject sharia-supremacism…….




I wish that there wasn’t a break with UKIP, that Farage would have stayed on, made his peace with Gerard Batten, and Tommy Robinson as well, as people with who he had disagreed with in the past. But he didn’t. That said, I still wish UKIP and the Brexit party success because that’s the reality of the situation as it stands.


What I cannot tolerate is the two-sided nature of the man, who says he can’t stand Tommy Robinson, a man who’s admitted that he’s done things in the past that he regrets, and has put deeds to words and genuinely strove to promote a better society in which government is truly answerable to the people.


How in the hell can Nigel Farage in good conscience stand side by side a woman who’s a bonafide Marxist, who represents everything that Nigel Farage has stood against in the EU parliament? This is rotten to the core and needs to be called out for what it is. Gross hypocrisy and shameful.




As Tommy is campaigning in the North West to become an MEP, it seems only right we take a look at some of the candidates who are also running in that region.


Let’s take a look at Claire Fox the Brexit party representative.


Who is she?


What does she stand for?


Well, its best we start from the beginning.


Claire was born and raised in a Catholic family and took her religious beliefs very seriously, her family roots come from Ireland and Wales, her parents were quite politically active and aware, her father being a Conservative and her mother a staunch Labour voter.


Claire is on record saying that she is from a working-class background (we cannot confirm this) and was the first in her family who went to university, it was at this point, perhaps unsurprisingly, her political world view was formed.


When Claire was at university, she thought a lot about “Liberation Theology.” Liberation Theology during the time of Claire’s education was a fusion of Catholicism and Marxism; it was and perhaps still is a pretty radical alignment of politics with religion. Perhaps this world view was instigated with the help of her “lefty priest” Father Mac?


Read it all here.

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