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Finland: Social Democrats (SDP) readies it’s ‘hand slap’ to Hussein al-Taee, not mention that not even CMI wants him anymore…….


The hand slap is being readied, Hussein will be rehabilitated in the eye of the public…


That’s the story here, Crisis Management Initiative (CMI) told the Jerusalem Post’s foreign correspondent, Benjamin Weinthal that it would no longer be seeking his employment after al-Taee leaves politics.



Live broadcast at 15.20: The SDP once again rehash the Hussein al-Taee case

DOMESTIC: Hussein al-Taee, an Sdp MP, lied repeatedly about his writings that demeaned minorities. Sdp has not seen disciplinary action necessary.


On Thursday, the SDP parliamentary group will reiterate the case of Hussein al-Taeen today.


Already last week, the group absolved al-Taee of his sins concerning his old writings. At that time, al-Taee had not yet admitted to all the public messages that used the steep language of the minorities. about all the posts that were in the public domain, that used harsh language on minorities.

– At the first hearing, he was unable to be completely honest, and now it is justifiable to go through this debate once again, says Tytti Tuppurainen.


According to the TUPPURAINEN, at the beginning of the parliamentary term it is appropriate to highlight to the entire group the values on which social democracy is made.


– The values are equality, equality and solidarity. We clearly reject all forms of discrimination and racism, chauvinism, homophobia and anti-Semitism. There is also such anti-Semitism that goes under the guise of anti-Zionism.


Tuppurainen is the chairman of Demari women’s caucaus, who just recently awarded al-Taee a month ago with the recognition of Risto Rohkea of the year. The prize will be awarded to a man who distinguished himself in promoting equality.


– I am very disappointed with this situation and the fact that al-Taee has not been able to honestly tell us about these matters in the past. On the other hand, I also acknowledge that he has thoroughly apologised. My personal conviction is also to forgive.


According to Tupurrainen, al-Taee must now be able to prove that he has actually changed.


– He is now in the driver’s seat.


AL-TAEE finally admitted on Monday that all of the posts disparaging minorities were his.


– I have kept the secret to myself for quite some time. It has grown, this monster, inside me, al-Taee said at a news conference.


– The longer I kept that secret, the more difficult it grew inside me.


Antd Rinne , chairman of the Sdp , said that al-Taee had also lied to the party.


– We’ve been a little cheated in this matter, Rinne said at a press conference on Tuesday.


The GROUP does not, however, see the need for disciplinary action.


The parliamentary group may, as a disciplinary measure, give a comment or a warning to the representative or dismiss him or her from the group either for a period or totally. They have also been handed down in the past because of the opinions and writings of the MPs.


For example, the Finns, Teuvo Hakkarainen, received a warning from his group after writing on Facebook that “not all Muslims are terrorists, but all terrorists are Muslims”. The warning he received was for saying that gays, lesbians and Somalis should be put in Åland to live together.


Jussi Halla-Aho was again expelled from the Finns parliamentary group for two weeks after he wrote on Facebook that a military junta would be needed in Greece to clamp down on the rioting strikers with tanks.


AL-TAEE was not yet present in the SDP when writing these posts, and the lying is not considered to be a reason for the measures. On Thursday, the subject of the discussion is probably the group’s game rules from now on, “Sirpa Paatero estimates.




“On the other hand, I think that if a man sincerely apologizes for his past deeds and has really changed his mindset, then we must forgive and believe that man will change and evolve.




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