Finland: Iraqi man accused of acquiring a 14-year-old child-bride being prosecuted for aggravated child rape…….


“Exceptional”? No, if we had an honest, inquisitive/investigative media, we would be learning about many other cases…


Interesting thing is that he’s being prosecuted with aggravated rape, of a child, that he married, almost like Mohamed the desert warlord did, who chose an even younger “bride”. So let’s just say that according to Finnish law, if Mohamed was alive, and did what he did to Aisha, he would be arrested and convicted for aggravated rape and molestation of a child. Forget about the pedo rap, Islamic apologists insist that he wasn’t because he remained “married” to her after she was an adult. No, he was a child rapist according to Finnish law.


An Iraqi man accused of acquiring a 14-year-old child-bride

The case has started on Thursday morning in the District Court of Southwest Finland.

Southwest – Finland District Court deliberated Thursday on exceptional cases of child marriage.


A 28 – year – old Iraqi man is accused of aggravated sexual abuse of a child, aggravated deprivation of liberty, trafficking in human beings, counterfeiting and aggravated rape.


False information


The man was first imprisoned in September 2017, when the police began to investigate whether the man had acquired a baby from Iraq.


The girl who had married the man in Iraq and came to Finland.Police suspicion of the girl at that time was that she was only 14 – years old, and not a full – adult, as was recorded in Finland the population register system.


Four full-session days have been reserved for the case in the District Court of Southwest Finland.



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