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Venezuela: Armored military vehicles plow into protestors…….


You want government control over your lives..?


In most cases, it starts in incremental moves until you’re suffocating under their heavy hands. The West is moving in that direction with each step of governmental interference in the private sector, as it becomes seen as the only guarantee for a successful life.


Venezuela’s Tiananmen: Camera Catches Armored Military Vehicle Plowing into Protesters


News outlets broadcasting live from Caracas on Tuesday recorded graphic footage of an armored vehicle in control of forces loyal to socialist dictator Nicolás Maduro running over peaceful protesters called together by President Juan Guaidó to support soldiers who no longer answer to Maduro.


Guaidó posted a video early Tuesday morning from the La Carlota military base near Caracas announcing that the leadership of the nation’s armed forces no longer supported Maduro, but they would need civilians to travel to their nearest military headquarters and support them as they ousted the few Maduro loyalists left.


In response, the streets of Caracas – and the gates of La Carlota – flooded with Venezuelans waving their flags and soldiers sporting a blue band on their arms, their rejection of the socialist dictatorship’s red authority.


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