No ‘coup’ in Venezuela: Uprising in Caracas is attempt to restore government’s legitimacy, not overthrow it…….


Calling it a coup is ridiculous, disingenuous and an insult to one’s intelligence… 


There Is No Coup in Venezuela

The uprising in Caracas is an attempt to restore the government’s legitimacy, not overthrow it.


Eli Lake


It’s unclear what will unfold in Venezuela now that interim president Juan Guaido has called for the military and citizens to take to the streets. What is clear, however, is that this is not a coup.


You wouldn’t know this from the early news coverage. “Trump Aides Back Unfolding Venezuela Coup Attempt,” reads a typical headline in Politico. CNN blared “Coup in Venezuela” in its chyron (it has amended its website to call it an “uprising”).


The headlines match the messaging of Nicolas Maduro’s regime. As the country’s information minister tweeted, the event is a small group of traitors attempting a coup.


All of this is wrong, for a few reasons. To start, the dissatisfaction in Venezuela appears to rise to higher levels than the government cares to admit. For example: On Tuesday morning, according to one source close to Guaido’s interim government, the soldiers that were standing guard at the home of Leopoldo Lopez told him he was free to go. The former opposition leader had been under house arrest since July 2017.


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