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Caroline Glick: NYT is the Central Clearinghouse for Jew-Hatred in America…….


Caroline Glick: New York Times, Central Clearinghouse of Antisemitism in America


The past several days have left many Jews in the United States feeling shell-shocked. Attacks against them seem to be coming from all quarters.


First, on Thursday, the New York Times’ International Edition published a stunningly antisemitic cartoon on its op-ed page. It portrayed a blind President Donald Trump wearing the garb of an ultra-Orthodox Jew, replete with a black suit and a black yarmulke, with the blackened sunglasses of a blind man being led by a seeing-eye dog with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s face.


If the message – that Jewish dogs are leading the blind American by the nose — wasn’t clear enough, the Netanyahu dog was wearing a collar with a Star of David medallion, just to make the point unmistakable.


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